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I'm Zoila Burga, owner and founder of Zoila's Cosmetics. I have over 27 years of experience as a hair dresser and colorist. After being in the beauty business for so many years, I wanted to give my clients a new service to complement their hair. I decided to create an all natural, organic cosmetic line

which is completely unique to others. 

My history begins in the capital of Peru. My grandmother had immigrated to the capital of Peru from a distant province at a young age. She had to completely learn Spanish as she only spoke Quechua, a traditional indigenous language. I followed my grandmother's footsteps and immigrated to the United States to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur. 


I'm very proud to be Peruvian and wanted my cosmetic line to represent my culture. Each product is named in the Quechua language as a tribute to my grandmother.



My cosmetic line has given me the freedom to express myself and to share my creativity with others. I hope you will enjoy each customer product!

- Zoila Burga, owner and founder